Securing your Summer/Fall local eats: CSA List 2014!


Each year we update and re-post our list of CSAs that exist across the province and I’m  happy to report that it continues to grow each year! That being said, I wouldn’t deny that I may have missed something and … Continue reading

Lunchbox bartering for grown-ups: hosting a successful food swap


Food swapping. It’s a thing. A really exciting, fast paced, delicious thing that all food lovers can surely get behind. Whether you’re trying to conquer that kitchen creativity rut, revive an old favorite recipe, or just looking for an excuse … Continue reading

Five Awesome Kale Recipes


I wanted to write a blog post about how awesome kale is but then I realized just how much information was already here about kale. Therefore, I thought I’d bring some of the great kale recipes on the blog together … Continue reading

Holy Jumpin Mackerel Fish


This post comes to us from Sadie Beaton at Small Scales blog, and originally featured in Rustik Magazine. Growing up in the fishing community of Canso, Nova Scotia, my school bus driver’s favourite expletive was “Holy Jumping Mackerel Fish!” I would love … Continue reading

Rhubarb Apple Jam with urbanOrchard

P1110072 (900x599)

Yesterday morning I got to start off my work week by making rhubarb apple jam with Schuyler Smith, communications director from reachAbility.  Schuyler wanted to bring some tasty local treats to a fundraising event for a new initiative called urbanOrchard, … Continue reading